The Foreign Language Study Assocation

If you’re a language aspirant in high school, and you want show others the wonder of the study of foreign language, make a club! I made an organization this year, in my high school, as a sort of pre-collegiate Alpha Mu Gamma, called the Foreign Language Study Association. Another thing: this site will be very helpful when it comes to self-studying languages!

Anyway, here’s a quote for you:

(xué yì mén yǔyán, jiù shì duō yí ge guānchá shìjiè de chuānghu.)
To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

The Importance of Language

No matter where we come from, language is an important part of our lives. It permeates everything we do, from our habits, our personalities, and identities as people. By learning other languages, you can link yourself with others in a way more profound than any other form of communication. As human beings, it is pleasing to hear another speak our own language. People who speak other languages understand others on deep levels, being able to connect with others in their mother tongues, the first and best form of communication.

When I was a child, I was unable to speak my mother tongue, Kannada, as well as I should have, due to a speech problem. It became apparent to me at an early age that language was important, and not being able to speak in Kannada affected how others saw me, behaved around me, and spoke to me.

Now, I am significantly more proficient in Kannada, after years of practice with my family. I have learned Spanish to a reasonably advanced level, and am continuing to study, because Spanish is a beautiful language, and is also widely spoken in my state of California. I also started learning Italian some time ago, as well as Hindi and Korean. Hindi and Italian are still works in progress, but I gave up on Korean some time ago, because of I found its grammar system confusing. However, I recently compiled my notes from these three languages into individual learning guides, in the hope that others might be able to utilize them. I have yet to publish my most recent and hopefully my best version of my book on Italian, due to having to wait for my KDP Select contract to expire. My Korean book is currently under revision by my Korean colleague, and my Hindi book is beginning the polishing process. At the moment, my first Italian book, Impariamo l’italiano!, is available on the Kindle Store for $4.99. Eventually, the better version, with more vocabulary, exercises, and information will be available on the iBooks Store, called Scoprendo l’italiano! On this blog, I will be posting links to the audio exercises that will accompany the text, when I have finished them, and the book is released.