My name is Patrick. I’ll be a new writer here at The World Speaks! so I thought I should post an introduction of sorts.

I’m 18 and currently a high school senior from Central New York. Next year I will be going to New York University’s College of Arts and Science, and I’m planning on double majoring in Iberian Studies and French. English is my native language, and I also speak Spanish, French, and Italian comfortably. I intend to learn more languages, but my main obstacle is my inability to decide (Portuguese would be so easy, but Swedish sounds so cool, but I’m German and love that language too, and the Devanagari alphabet makes Hindi really cool, but…). My favourite movie is Frozen and one of my favourite things to do is listen to the music from it in other languages (don’t judge!) I’ve traveled abroad twice—first, to Spain and France in the Spring of 2013, and second, to Italy, Switzerland, and France in the Spring of 2015—and intend to study abroad for one semester in Madrid and one semester in Paris (and maybe a semester in Buenos Aires).

At the beginning I’ll mostly be writing about personal experiences/views, but as time goes on (and, frankly, as I learn more) I will try to write editorials, informational articles, and the like. I hope you all approve!