How to Effectively Memorize Vocabulary With Quizlet

One of the biggest problems with using a tool such as Quizlet to memorize vocabulary is the fact that everything goes to your passive memory, not your active memory. In other words, you learn to recognize words in your target language, but not remember them.

The simple trick, then, is to train your mind to think from English -> desired language. When you think about it, this is why people encourage you to speak and write in a target language rather than just listening and reading it. It makes you try to recall the equivalent target language word using the English word as a base, and not the other way around.

How would you go about doing this, you ask? It requires very little effort on your part. Let’s say, for example, that I’m studying Spanish vocabulary. Rather than displaying the Spanish side first, like most normal scrubs:

This is the normal, “passive” way to learn vocabulary.

Click “English” under the “Start With” menu, so that you get something more like this:

Voila! Now, you can memorize words far more effectively, and you won’t have to struggle to ask “How much is the milk?” on your next trip to Spain.