My Language Learning Calendar!

This is a picture of my language learning calendar, to mark the order in which I learn languages. It may not end up being in this exact order, but I aim to do so! Wish me luck, as this may take several years!

My language calendar!

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I’m a student studying at NYU, hoping to pursue a career in diplomatic services, and I’m obsessed with learning and teaching foreign languages.

I like to practice Taekwondo, enjoy Square Enix video games, and engage in Asian-American social activism and international political activism.

  • Whoaa! — that’s a pretty ambitious list! How did you choose those languages? Will you study them one by one, or multiple languages at the same time? And what’s your criteria for having learned a language — i.e., how far do you envision yourself going with these various languages? Anyway, it looks like a big project — good luck! 🙂

    • I chose these languages primarily in order of interest/usefulness at the projected time, and then simply at random to expand my horizons.

      I’m probably going to study the one or two at a time (but never three), and I plan to get to fluency. I have a post on what I consider to be the stages of fluency in the archives, but it might be somewhat off, because now my views on it are a bit different. And thanks for the encouragement!