National Foreign Language Week

National Foreign Language Week celebrates the speaking of foreign languages in America, and was inaugurated by Eloise Therese, 1956-1960 president of Alpha Mu Gamma, a college-level foreign language honor society, in 1957. Each year, the week serves as a time of advocacy and encouragement of the learning of foreign languages, from March 4 to March 10. This event is so important that President Eisenhower, in 1956, sent a telegram endorsing the celebration. Each successive president has similarly shown support for this event.

At your school, workplace, or wherever, you should encourage the celebration of this event in whatever way you can! Start learning a new language, teach one to your children, or improve on your skills by enrolling in community college course! I cannot stress enough how important foreign language education is, especially in the context of our nation, one made of people from all walks of life, from many countries, and of different language traditions. I greatly anticipate this event, so I can celebrate it with my club at my school!