Foreign Language Word of the Day: Day 9

Here are the words for Day 9!

Italiano – Parola del Giorno: la tarantella

A Southern Italian dance, usually in 6/8, accompanied by tambourines, and said to be inspired by behaviors and movements resulting from the bite of a spider in summer. It’s sort of related to the word tarantola, which actually means tarantula, even though spider is ragno.

Español – Palabra del Día: (el) flamenco

This word is quite varied in meaning, as it can refer to the dance from southern Spain, a flamingo, the Flemish language, or a Fleming (a person from Flanders). It can also mean Flemish (as an adjective),  [cocky, insolent, defiant, or impertinent in colloquial slang], and ironically, also charming.

Kannada – I Dinada Padaa: torna

A door ornament hung on the doorframe of many Hindu households, usually in the form of leaves on a thread or line. The leaves are often decorated with the image of a god or some other religious symbol.