My Beginnings in Hebrew

So, before I start my lessons in Hebrew for the Italki October 2014 Language Challenge, I thought I’d get a head start by learning the Hebrew alphabet. As it happens, there are two versions: printed and cursive. The printed version (in the cover picture) is used mostly by learners and children, and obviously in printed text. The cursive version, whose name is misleading, is used in all handwritten situations. I say that the name is misleading because it’s not cursive the way cursive is in English; the letters are not connected in a continuous flow. It’s also a bit confusing, because the printed and cursive versions, for the most part, don’t look at all alike. I’ve attached a picture of my chart, which has both versions, as well as the niqqud (the vowel system) marks on the back. Unfortunately, niqqud are not used in most texts, written or printed, and the vowels are implied via context. So, hopefully, this goes well for me. Wish me luck!

Hebrew Chart

Hebrew Chart Niqqud