Foreign Language Word of the Day: Day 3

Day 3!

Italiano – Parola del Giorno: sbagliare

to make a mistake/err/miss (as in a question on a test)/get wrong

As a reflexive: sbagliarsi – to be in the wrong

Español – Palabra del Día: adivinar

to guess/discern/perceive/intuit/foresee/foretell/predict

As a reflexive: adivinarse – to be visible/be made out

Kannada – I Dinada Padaa: jaaradu

to slip/slide (intransitive)

Foreign Language Word of the Day: Day 2

So, here are the words for Day 2!

Italiano – Parola del Giorno: sorgere

to rise (like the sunrise), come up, or arise – intransitive

Español – Palabra del Día: clavar

to nail, hammer in, pound, or stab

As a reflexive verb: clavarse – (in Mexico and Cuba) to steal or snatch, (colloquially in Mexico only) to devote oneself to (the form for this usage would be clavarse en), (also colloquially  in Mexico)  to fall for (as in to fall in love with, so the form would be clavarse con)

Kannada – I Dinada Padaa: ijadu

to swim

Foreign Language Word of the Day: Day 1

Starting today, I’m going to try and post one word of the day for each language that I can speak, aside from English. So, here are the words for Day 1!

Italiano – Parola del Giorno: ringraziare

to thank (somebody) for (something) – transitive verb

Español – Palabra del Día: soltar (o -> ue)

to let go/drop/loose (transitive)

Note: This is the verb used in the Castilian Spanish version of, “Let It Go!”

Kannada – I Dinada Padaa: haaradu

to fly/spill