Language Education in the Lower Grade Levels

I feel that language education of any kind would be very helpful for the growth of younger people as citizens of a supposedly cosmopolitan nation. We need to instill in the younger generation the value of reaching out to the world and understanding it on the intimate level of their languages. With learning a language comes the understanding of another culture and another people. How can we expect our diverse population to come to mutual agreements on various issues if they are separated by language barriers? The solution is NOT to encourage them to speak English, to abandon their mother tongues and heritage. We need it to be a nationwide standard for people to speak another language to function in a multiracial society, which sadly, doesn’t seem to be the case, even with the mandatory two years of foreign language in high school in some places. By making elementary school students learn other languages (preferably of their own choice), it would not only make them more aware of the world, but also be more intelligent. Studies have shown that students of foreign language generally have better scores on English-related assessments. Wherever you might be, get involved with your school district or an individual school, and encourage them to adopt an early foreign language education program.