Week 7: Wanderings

This week, I did a little more independent exploration. Diwali also passed this week, and since I wasn’t home for the occasion, I decided to put on a small dinner party for my friends.

I wandered around Yu Garden, in the Old City of Shanghai. It’s a bit of a touristy place, but there’s still some stuff to see. The Old City is a bit of a ways from Pudong, and quite different from the shopping areas of Puxi. Fuyou Road has a lot of different shopping areas, including one dedicated to tourists. I decided not to peruse their wares, mostly because I was just stopping by.

I was on my way back from the only Indian store in the entirety of Shanghai, which is, as one might expect, a quite small place. It’s called Bhoomi Stores, on Yaohong Road, not far from the Songyuan Road metro station. They stock mostly ready-to-eat meal kits and instant spice mixtures. It’s a little taste of home for the Indian expats living in Shanghai, I suppose. I can’t say that I’m missing Indian food in Shanghai, so much than my mother’s cooking. When you’re cooking mostly variations on stir-fry for dinner, it can make you miss home-cooked food a lot!

A lovely view of the Bund

Anyway, this week was a little more chill. I’m entering midterm season, and working on a lot of different things. At the moment, I’m juggling language learning, my calligraphy Instagram, and schoolwork. It’s not proving to be very difficult, but I have a lot going on, and sometimes it’s a little much to stay focused.

In other news, I had this unexpectedly delicious pasta at Wagas. It was a spinach and pumpkin pasta with tomato sauce, topped with feta cheese and pine nuts. Wagas is a solid place to get vegetarian options for lunch or breakfast, so always keep that on your list.

That’s all for this week!