Foreign Language Word of the Day: Day 11

Sorry for the lack of words recently. I attended the Fanime Convention in San Jose.

Italiano – Parola del Giorno: la grappa

A type of grape-based pomace brandy that is made by distilling the skins, seeds, and pulp left over from winemaking after pressing the grapes.

Español – Palabra del Día: zapatear

To stamp or tap (your feet), and very loosely, to tap-dance. It usually refers to the footwork in flamenco, called zapateado.

Kannada – I Dinada Padaa: madve-mane

Literally meaning, “wedding house,” this word is used to describe the setting in which the ceremony takes place, which very well could be the groom’s own home. So yes, a church could be one, but only in a very stretched context, because the concept of a madve-mane has some Hindu connotations and other traditions associated with it.